Max Lobo is a science fiction novelist aspiring to induce emotion and provoke reflections through his texts. More about...

Writing Progress


Chapter 1 progress: 70%

Global progress: 3%


Max Lobo, hobbyist cook and passionate gym-goer, always loved stories. So much that he constantly considered writing one, but online-gaming and procrastination never let him.

Still, year after year, stories’ ideas kept popping into his head.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, when his game addiction aggravated and his mind approached a breakdown, he faced an existential crisis, a tough one. Which, when overcame, he decided that — yes — it was time to chase his dream by trapping those wild ideas into pages.

The first step was to refocus his compulsiveness from gaming to storytelling.

Since then, he dedicates his life to bring those tales out to the world.

Max Lobo has a lot to tell, and he is just beginning.

Walk with him on this journey.


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